25th June

Born on this Day 25th June
1242 Beatrice of England
1328 William Montacute
1726 Thomas Pennant
1870 Erskine Childers
1900 Lord Louis Mountbatten
1903 George Orwell
1913 Cyril Fletcher
1923 Nicholas Mosley
1932 Peter Blake
1939 Clint Warwick
1940 A.J. Quinnell
1941 Roy Marsden
1942 Eddie Large
1945 Carly Simon
1946 Ian McDonald
1961 Ricky Gervais
1962 Phill Jupitus
1963 George Michael
1964 Johnny Herbert
1970 Lucy Benjamin
1973 Jamie Redknapp
1981 Sheridan Smith
1983 Todd Cooper
1986 Megan Burns
1993 Barney Clark

Died on this Day
1968 Tony Hancock
1997 Jacques-Yves Cousteau


1988 Tracy Chapman, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Wet Wet Wet, George Michael, Simple Minds and Whitney Houston were among the stars appearing at Nelson Mandela’s birthday party at Wembley Stadium.

1995 Three fans were struck by lightning during a Grateful Dead concert in Washington.


1990 The Republic of Ireland beat Romania 5-4 on penalties after their World Cup match ended 0-0 in extra time. England captain Bryan Robson returned home injured.

1992 During his world championship year, Britain’s Nigel Mansell smashed the Silverstone lap record in preparation for the British Grand Prix.

People & Showbiz

1982 Ridley Scott’s classic science fiction thriller ‘Blade Runner’, starring Harrison Ford, opened at American cinemas.

1994 Faye Dunaway launched a verbal attack on Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber after he had fired her from his Los Angeles production of ‘Sunset Boulevard’.

General Events

1776 Captain Cook sailed from Deptford on third voyage in the Resolution with the Discovery

1876 Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer and 264 soldiers of the 7th Cavalry were massacred at the battle of Little Big Horn, Montana, by Sioux Indians led by Chief Sitting Bull. Among his ranks were two of Custer’s brothers, his brother-in-law and an 18 year old nephew. The sole survivor of Custer’s army was a horse called Comanche.

1983 Chinese-born giant panda Yin Yin gave birth to her 3rd offspring in Mexico City Zoo. It was being called El Pandita until its sex was determined.

1983 Villagers at Rottingdean near Brighton had raised £50,000 to buy the walled garden of Rudyard Kipling’s former home to prevent it being developed for housing.

1995 The Portman Group reported in a survey that 3 in 5 people did not know that a drink-driving conviction could carry a prison term of up to 10 years and a quarter did not realise they could face a fine of up to £5,000.

1997 A practice docking went wrong and ended with an unmanned supply ship colliding with the Soviet MIR space station, damaging a solar panel and punched a hole in one of the station’s science modules which had to be sealed off as its oxygen leaked into space.

2007 United Kingdom floods, parts of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire flood including Louth, Horncastle and worst affected, Hull.

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