19th June

Born on this Day 19th June
1896 Wallis Simpson
1903 Walter Hammond
1937 Thelma Barlow
1940 Paul Shane
1947 Salman Rushdie
1954 Kathleen Turner
1962 Paula Abdul
1978 Garfield

Died On This Day
1947 Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel
1993 Sir William Golding
1997 Julia Smith


1980 Donna Summer was the first artist to sign to the new Geffen Records.

1988 Scuffles broke out in East Berlin as youths gathered to hear Michael Jackson perform in West Berlin.

1992 Michael Jackson’s British and European tour was put in jeopardy as the aircraft bringing tons of equipment for the star’s concerts was banned from entering British airspace.


1992 In a bad day for British Rugby League, Great Britain lost by 22 points to 16 against Parramatta in Australia, while the New South Wales police team beat their British counterparts by 46-0.

1993 UEFA announced that a sudden death system would be used to ensure decisive results from the quarter finals onwards at the 1996 European Championships in England.

People & Showbiz

1931 Clark Gable married Rhea Langham.

1935 Errol Flynn married Lili Damita.

1975 Lord Lucan was named as the killer of his daughter’s nanny by a London jury.

1995 The film ‘Batman Forever’ earned $53.3 million at the US box office in its first weekend, passing the record set by Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jurassic Park’.

1997 Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Cats’ became the longest running Broadway musical upon its 6,138th performance. ‘A Chorus Line’ previously held the record.

General Events

1829 The London Metropolitan Police was founded, set up by Sir Robert Peel, from whom the term Bobbies and Peelers derived.

1910 Father’s Day was celebrated for the first time in Washington, after being suggested by Mrs. John B. Dodd.

1988 A seriously injured crew member from the QE2 was flown to hospital after being stabbed in a fight in the ship’s gallery.

1989 After 30 years of service the world famous Routemaster red London bus was to be phased out because of old age. Engineers were finding it increasingly difficult to find spare parts for the 900 vehicles.

1993 Flight Lieutenant Keren Cavacuiti and Flying Officer Helen Dobbs became the first women front-line fighter pilots.

1995 Douglas Hurd expressed his dismay at the delays imposed by the Spanish police at the frontier with Gibraltar, which he said were out of tune with the cooperation needed in the European Union.

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