18th June

Born on this Day 18th June
1927 Paul Eddington
1928 Nancy Marchand
1920 Ian Carmichael
1941 Delia Smith
1942 Delia Smith
1942 Sir Paul McCartney
1952 Isabella Rossellini
1961 Alison Moyet

Died on this Day
1958 Douglas Jardine
1959 Ethel Barrymore


1963 A party was held at Abbey Road Studios to celebrate Paul McCartney’s 21st birthday.

1977 Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten was attacked outside the Pegasus in Highbury, North London.

1997 The National Trust won a National Lottery grant for £47,500 to restore Sir Paul McCartney’s former council house in Allerton, Liverpool, where he had composed the first Beatles songs. The buildingbwas hoped to be open to the public within a year.


1928 Amelia Earhart became the first woman to cross the Atlantic by air, as the passenger to pilot Wilmar Stulz.

1963 Henry Cooper knocked down Cassius Clay in the fourth round of their fight at Wembley Stadium, only for the fight to be stopped in a later round after Cooper suffered a badly cut eye.

People & Showbiz

1983 Sally Ride became the first woman in space when she took off from Cape Canaveral in the shuttle Challenger. With her were ants and radishes to go into orbit.

1993 Speaking on Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme, film director Jennifer Lynch apologised to women who found her contoversial film ‘Boxing Helena’ pornographic or offensive. Anti-pornography campaigners had protested outside London cinemas where it was being screened.

1994 120,000 people who marched in the annual Gay Pride rally brought central London to a halt. Organisers had expected a crowd of 40,000.

General Events

1815 The Battle of Waterloo took place south of Brussels, where Napoleon was defeated by Wellington and Blucher.

1829 Metropolitan Police force was established.

1989 356 people were arrested for drug offences during Europe’s biggest open air pop festival at Pilton, Somerset. The organisers later admitted that the 40,000 crowd limit had been exceeded.

1989 Surrey Ambulance Service called the charity bicycle race from London to Brighton ‘idiotic’, after 21 cyclists were injured, 2 seriously during the event.

1994 Richard Branson and his family narrowly escaped death when their Range Rover overturned on the M40 near Oxford. Richard Branson himself suffered only minor injuries but his small son was kept in hospital for observation.

1994 A ‘new’ emergency service number 333, was being considered by Michael Howard, the Home Secretary. The number could be used for problems relating to lost property and dangerous dogs and be manned by civilians to relieve pressure on the 999 service.

1997 Two women were slightly injured after being knocked down by a car driven by a bull terrier. While its owners were visiting friends in Dorchester the dog jumped into the front seat, knocking off the hand-brake and bumping the car out of gear.

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