12th June

Born on this Day 12th June
1897 Anthony Eden
1920 Peter Jones
1929 Anne Frank
1924 George Bush
1928 Vic Damone
1932 Charlie Feathers
1941 Roy Harper
1943 Reg Presley
1945 Pat Jennings OBE

Died On This Day
1980 Sir Billy Butlin
1982 Dame Marie Rambert


1965 It was announced that The Beatles were to receive the OBE.

1971 The South African Broadcasting Company lifted its ban on playing Beatles’ records which had been imposed after John Lennon made his comment about the band being ‘bigger by Jesus’.

1978 The album ‘Abba’ passed the million sales mark in the UK alone.

1989 Vegetarian singer Chrissie Hynde promised not to repeat the damaging remarks she made about MacDonalds at an environmental event after the burger chain threatened to apply for a court injunction to silence her.


1922 George Leigh Mallory along with 2 fellow climbers reached a height of 25,800 feet on Mount Everest without the use of oxygen, then the highest point achieved.

1988 England suffered a 1-0 defeat against the Republic of Ireland in the opening match of the European Nation’s Football Championships in Stuttgart.

People & Showbiz

1924 The first disc-jockey radio programme starred Compton Mackenzie.

1942 Having been given the diary for her 13th birthday, Anne Frank began writing about her family’s life hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam.

1992 Andrew Lloyd Webber received his knighthood.

1993 In the Queen’s Birthday Honours actress Thora Hird was made a Dame while Sir Richard Attenborough and Sir Yehudi Menuhin were both given life peerages. David Jason and chat show host Michael Aspel were both given OBE’s.

General Events

1849 The gas mask was patented by Lewis Haslett from Kentucky USA.

1903 The Harley-Davidson motorcycle was founded in America.

1963 Three Alcatraz prisoners escaped the island fortress armed only with spoons. The story of the prison’s only successful breakout was made into the 1979 film ‘Escape From Alcatraz’ starring Clint Eastwood.
1984 In Kent, a Securicor van was robbed of £700,000 when an armed gang threatened a member of the crew as he went to use the toilet after the vehicle stopped in a lay by.

1997 Plans to charge patients for visits to their GPs and for them to pay ‘hotel bills’ for stays in hospital were considered as part of the Government’s comprehensive review of NHS funding.

1997 The first comprehensive study into occupational stress was launched by the Government in an attempt to cut costs in the industry.

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