5th June

Born on this Day 5th June
1878 Pancho Villa
1898 Dame Ninette De Valois
1928 Tony Richardson
1939 Margaret Drabble
1940 Moira Anderson
1944 Nigel Rees
1946 Freddie Stone
1949 Ken Follett
1956 Kenny G
Died On This Day
1916 Lord Kitchener
1921 Georges Feydeau
1992 Laurence Naismith


1965 Johnny Cash entered the UKchart for the first time with a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘It Ain’t Me Babe’.

1980 The country music movie ‘Urban Cowboy’ with John Travolta and Debra Winger was premiered in the US.

1993 The 60’s pop duo Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel announced they would reunite for 10 concerts at Madison Square Gardens.


1988 34 year old Kay Cottee from Australia sailed into Sydney to become the first woman to sail solo non-stop around the world.

1988 Scot Sandy Lyle won the British Masters at Woburn.

1989 Former boxing champion Maurice Hope from Arkley, Hertfordshire was cleared of assaulting police after no evidence was offerd against him.

People & Showbiz

1992 The Harrison Ford film ‘Patriot Games’ went on general release in the US.

General Events

8239 BC According to ancient Mayan script, the day on which creation began.

1977 The first personal computer, the Apple II, went on sale in the US.

1990 The new £5 note was unveiled, incorporating new security features which, said the Bank of England, ‘will keep us ahead of our criminal competitors.

1992 Two IRA terrorists were given four life sentences at Belfast Crown Court for murdering three Royal Ulster Constabulary officers in a bomb attack.

1992 Scottish National Heritage reported that a practice bomb dropped 8 miles off target by a US Air Force jet had destroyed rare lichen moss and started a woodland fire at a site of special scientific interest near Golspie, Sunderland.

1993 Disabled Julie Jones from the West Midlands, who escaped paying a £70 fine to have a wheel clamp removed by dismantling her van, was told by police and lawyers that it was legal as long as the clamp was not damaged.

1995 A ‘lost’bas-relief from an Assyrian king’s palace was found on the wall of a school tuck shop at Canford School, Wimbourne. It was expected to fetch up to £1 million at auction.

1995 The Prime Minister John Major said he could see ‘no likelihood of extending VAT to food, adding that ‘We are not by instinct a tax-increasing party. We like to reduce taxes’.

1997 A bat which had been hibernating in a fruit machine in a pub in Dover, flew out and fluttered around the alarmed customers after landlord Denis Neame hit the jackpot.

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