4th June

Born on this Day 4th June
1738 King George III
1910 Sir Christopher Cockerell
1911 Rosalind Russell
1922 Gene Barry
1924 Dennis Weaver
1927 Geoffrey Palmer
1928 Dr. Ruth Westheimer
1948 Bob Champion
1950 Peter Van Hooke

Died on this Day
1989 Ayatollah Khomeini
2001 John Hartford


1964 Drummer Jimmy Nichol joined the Beatles for 10 days while Ringo Starr stayed in hospital after collapsing during a photo session.

1983 Both the Undertones and the highly rated Indie group Birthday Party split up.

1988 Despite its relative failure in England, former page 3 girl Samantha Fox’s ‘Naughty Girl’s (Need Love Too)’ peaked at No.3 in America.


1989 Golfer Nick Faldo won the British Masters golf championship, only a week after winning the PGA championships.

1992 ITV gained consolation for losing the battle for the television rights for the Premier League when it secured exclusive coverage of the Football League and Rumbelows Cup, aswell as matches covering Leeds United and Manchester United’s excursions into Europe.

People & Showbiz

1982 ‘Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan’ and ‘Poltergeist’ both opened at cinemas across America.

1997 Children’s ‘Power Ranger’ ice-pops were taken from shelves after it was discovered that they contained up to 4.5% alcohol.

General Events

780 BC The first reliably recorded total solar eclipse was noted by the Chinese.

1800 Building work on the White House was completed and the first residents, President and Mrs John Adams moved in.

1937 The first supermarket trolleys were introduced in the Humpty Dumpty store in Oklahoma.

1946 Juan Peron became President of Argentina.

1969 A 22 year old stowaway was discovered in the undercarriage of an aircraft in Spain, having survived the 9 hour flight from Havana, in -40degree temperatures at 29,000 feet.

1984 The first successful cloning of DNA from an extinct animal was carried out by American scientists. The animal was a distant relative of horses and zebras.

1990 The first £5 coins were minted to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Queen Mother. The Bank of England was also to unveil the new £5 note on the 5th June.

1995 Four out of five of Britain’s Chief constables admit they had a liberal policy in respect of cannabis, according to a survey of 30 forces. One Chief Constable even called for immediate legislation for the personal use of the drug.

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