3rd June

Born on this Day 3rd June
1865 King George V
1901 Maurice Evans
1911 Paulette Goddard
1925 Tony Curtis
1942 Curtis Mayfield
1945 Hale Irwin
1950 Susie Quatro
1951 Deniece Williams
1961 Vince Clarke

Died on this Day
1899 Johann Strauss
1988 Robert Morley
2001 Anthony Quinn


1970 Ray Davies of the Kinks re-recorded a section of his new song, ‘Lola’, substituting the word ‘Coca-Cola with Cherry Cola so it could be played on the non-commercial BBC.

1978 Malcom McLaren announced that the Sex Pistols would continue to tour without Johnny Rotten.

1992 Opera star Luciano Pavarotti was forced to bring a concert to an end at the Sheffield Arena after his voice broke down due to illness.


1837 The first Steeplechase racecourse was opened at the Bayswater Hippodrome.

1981 Shergar, owned by the Aga Khan, won the derby by a record 10 lengths.

1992 In a warm-up for the European Championships, the England football team beat Finland 2-1.

People & Showbiz

1937 The Duke of Windsor, the abdicated King Edward VIII, married Wallis Simpson in Monts, France.

1968 Artist Andy Warhol was shot and seriously hurt in New York by Valeria Solanis, an actress in one of his films.

1989 Ken Blakeson’s BBC radio play about Army wives called ‘Excess Baggage’ won a BBC/Methuen Giles Cooper Award for radio drama despite receiving many complaints about strong language in the script.

General Events

1668 The ketches Nonsuch and Eaglet left the Thames to explore the territory around Hudson Bay, Canada.

1965 Major Edward White became the first US astronaut to go for a space walk.

1990 Over a third of adults in England’s cities did not pay any poll tax or community charge, according to a survey. The London Borough of Greenwich has only received £1.6 million instead of the estimated £5 million.

1990 The Director of Kenya’s wildlife service announced that hunting in Kenya was to be reintroduced after a 13 year ban, but stressed that endangered species such as the lion and rhino would remain protected.

1990 The SDP was disbanded, with too few members to function properly.

1993 Armed thieves stole £1 million from a Security Express van which was forced off the road at Chislehurst, Southeast London. The vehicle was carrying £2.5 million that was to have been delivered to bank branches.

1993 385 people were arrested after 2000 police officers carried out raids on hundreds of homes across London in the latest stage of Scotland Yard’s battle against burglars in the city.

1997 200 students at the London School of Economics were stopped 15 minutes into their information technology exam after it was found that the answers were written in the back of the question papers.

1997 The Vatican ruled that the tears of blood witnessed by 50 people to have been shed from the eyes of the statue of the Virgin Mary on February 2nd were genuine, but not an official miracle.

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