21st May

Born on this Day 21st May
1688 Alexander Pope
1904 Fats Waller
1931 Desmond Wilcox
1909 Baron Guy De Rothschild
1941 Ronald Isley
1942 Hilton Valentine
1948 Leo Sayer
1952 Mr. T
1957 Judge Reinhold

Died on this Day
1471 King Henry VI
1929 Lord Rosebery
1991 Rajiv Gandhi


1964 A BBC survey revealed that the Beatles were the most popular tourist attraction in Britain.

1982 Culture Club released their first single, ‘White Boy’.

1988 Wet Wet Wet’s charity single ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ topped the charts.


1966 Cassius Clay knocked down Henry Cooper in the sixth round of their match in London to end Cooper’s hopes of being world heavyweight champion.

1983 In the FA Cup final, rank outsiders Brighton managed to hold Manchester United to a 2-2 draw.

1997 Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, president of the World Chess Federation announced his intention to invite the computer Deep Blue, which recently beat world champion Garry Casparov, to enter the world chess championships in December.

People & Showbiz

1980 The second film in the ‘Star Wars’ trilogy, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ went on general release in America.

1995 The BBC announced it was to give gift vouchers and paid leave as ‘wedding’ presents to gay couples.

1997 Camelot, the organisers of the National Lottery, announced that over £120 million in winnings had not been claimed since the draws began in 1994.

General Events

1983 18 magistrates and lawyers from Venice who were visiting a court in London to witness British justice in action got a first hand experience when they walked out of Malborough St Magistrates Court to find their cars had been wheel clamped by police.

1993 In Chapel Le Ferre, Kent, a helicopter rescued 3 men who were trapped on a cliff edge. Two of the men had fallen 80 foot while the third was trapped when he tried to rescue them.

1995 A fanatical therapy group which believed that more or less everyone was sexually abused as a child began training hypnotherapists in the UK in secret.

1997 The government was considering making bicycle bells compulsory ‘as a priority’ according to Baroness Hayman, the Roads Minister.

1997 A new member to the Barbie Doll family was launched in Washington. The ‘share a smile Becky’ doll came in a wheelchair and was hoped to change children’s attitudes to disabled people.

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