20th May

Born on this Day 20th May
1799 Honore De Balzac
1851 Emil Berliner
1908 James Stewart
1920 Betty Driver
1942 Lynn Davies
1944 Joe Cocker
1946 Cher
1961 Nick Heyward
1964 Earl Spencer

Died on this Day
1506 Christopher Columbus
1996 John Pertwee
2003 Mickie Most


1955 Ruth Brown’s American hit ‘Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean’ was banned by the BBC as it suggested wife-beating.

1967 The Who had their first American top 40 hit with ‘Happy Jack’.

1970 The Beatles film ‘Let It Be’ premiered in Britain.


1970 Bobby Charlton scored his ecord 49th goal for England, during the World Cup match against Columbia.

1993 Arsenal won the FA Cup after beating Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 at Wembley. The winning goals were scored by Ian Wright and Andy Lingham.

People & Showbiz

1993 The Monsters of Rock concert at Castle Donnington, Leicestershire, was cancelled after it was revealed that none of the top groups would play there.

1993 Mike McCasland from California set a world record by eating 260 prunes in 5 minutes. He went on to say ” I’m just a regular guy”.

General Events

1932 The anniversary of the first woman, Amelia Earhart’s solo flight across the Atlantic.

1988 The new Licensing Act allowing pubs to stay open from 11am to 11pm on weekdays received Royal Assent.

1990 Parents marched in Paris demanding the return of the death penalty for child killers. The parents carried pictures of their murdered children.

1991 The Soviet Union passed a new law which allowed its citizens to leave the country of their own free will.

1997 It was announced that all anti-personnel landmines held by the Army were to be destroyed by the year 2005. Their use until then had been suspended and their import , export, transfer and manufacture was also banned.

2000 Tony and Cherie Blair celebrated the birth of their baby son.

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