12th May

Born on this Day 12th May
1812 Edward Lear
1820 Florence Nightingale
1907 Katharine Hepburn
1924 Tony Hancock
1929 Burt Bacharach
1937 Susan Hampshire
1942 Ian Dury
1945 Alan Ball
1948 Steve Winwood
1961 Billy Duffy
1962 Emilio Estevez
1966 Stephen Baldwin
1967 Joe McKinney
1968 Catherine Tate
1979 Robert Key


1952 Legendary early rocker Merrill Moore recorded his first single.

1959 Top ballad singer Eddie Fisher married actress Elizabeth Taylor.

1960 After 2 years in the army, Elvis Presley appeared in a welcome back TV special with Frank Sinatra in America.

1967 At Queen Elizabeth Hall, England, Pink Floyd stages the first-ever quadraphonic rock concert.

1971 Mick Jagger married Bianca Perez Morena De Macias.


1992 On Mount Everest 30 climbers from 5 expeditions reached the summit and more were on their way, in a record number of successful attempts.

1997 Australian long-distance swimmer Susie Maroney became the first person to swim across the shark-infested 112 miles between the Straits of Florida and Cuba. The 24 hour, 20 minute swim was carried out in a moving 28×8 ft shark-proof cage.

People & Showbiz

1937 The coronation of King George VI took place with the return of the coronation procession being televised from Hyde’s Park Corner, the first use of an outside control van.

1964 Pirate radio station Radio Atlanta began broadcasting from the east coast on 200.6 metres.

1995 The ‘Divertimento in G’, a previously unknown work by Haydn and one of his earliest compositions, was to be given its first performance for nearly 200 years at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford.

General Events

1191 Richard I of England marries Berengaria of Navarre.

1264 The Battle of Lewes, between King Henry III of England and the rebel Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, begins.

1926 UK General Strike 1926: in the United Kingdom, a nine-day general strike by trade unions ends.

1935 Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in Akron, Ohio by William Wilson.

1937 Coronation of King George VI of Britain at Westminster Abbey.

1983 Sapper Philip Maton was to be disciplined by the Army after taking a tank for an 80 mile joyride to show his parents he could drive it.

1988 British surgeons carried out the world’s first muscle transplant to repair damaged nerves in an accident victim.

1995 The boss of a building company spent £5,000 buying back the Messerschmitt bubble car he sold in 1965 for £65. He saw the 3 wheeler at a classic car auction in Birmingham.

1995 The European Commission announced that a plastic, credit-card sized driving license was to be introduced in the European Union from July 1996.

1997 The Home Office called for more modern and rigorous training for police marksmen after a report showed that over half of targets over a distance of 10 metres away were completely missed.

1999 David Steel becomes the first Presiding Officer (speaker) of the modern Scottish Parliament.

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