8th May

Born on this Day 8th May
1884 Harry S. Truman
1914 Sid James
1932 Sonny Liston
1926 Sir David Attenborough
1935 Jack Charlton
1955 Alex Van Halen
1964 Dave Rowntree
1975 Enrique Iglesias

Died on this Day
1903 Paul Gaugin
1947 Gordon Selfridge


1976 Abba had their third No.1 single with ‘Fernando’.

1977 The Metropolitan Opera House saw Olivia Newton -John’s debut live performance in New York.

1982 Teenage German vocalist Nicole, became the first new artist to enter the UK chart as high as No.8, which she did with ‘A Little Peace’, this year’s Eurovision winner

1988 American singer Madonna launched her acting career by playing a temp in a new Broadway play, was generally agreed by critics to be a joke, but not a funny one.


1983 Liverpool FC were awarded the Shabby Landlord of the Year trophy by the housing organisation Shelter, for its poor treatment of nearby residents after it became landlord of 60 terraced houses surrounding the ground.

1984 The Soviet Union announced that it had decided not to send a team to the Los Angeles Olympics. The decision was thought to have been a reply to the US’s boycot of the Moscow Games four years earlier.

People & Showbiz

1886 Coca-Cola was first produced by Dr. John Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia.

1983 The final of Mastermind was won by London tube driver Christopher Hughes. Expelled from school at age 15, Hughes finished 2 points ahead of Kathryn Tyson.

1993 Lead singer of rock group Dire Strairs, Mark Knopfler, was awarded an honorary doctorate of music at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne University.

1997 TeleWest Communications, the country’s second largest cable company, said they were ready to launch digital TV services with up to 150 channels.

General Events

1660 The British monarchy was restored after the English Civil War.

1984 The Thames Barrier at Woolwich was opened.

1989 The Campaign for Real Ale complained that pubs in Britain were either over-styled and cluttered or open planned and over-lit.

1990 Estonia formally changed its name the the Republic of Estonia.

1990 Sports Minister Colin Moynihan called for an alcohol ban in Sardinia, where the English football team was to be based in the World Cup.

1991 Scientists in the UK claimed to have discovered the gene which determines the difference between the sexes.

1993 Founder of the bird charity Falconaid, Charles Oswald, was banned from keeping birds of prey after he admitted cruelty.

1997 Tony Blair cut short MPs holidays for a mammoth meeting to pass some 22 Bills in the first Labour Cabinet Meeting for 18 years.

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