3rd May

Born on this Day 3rd May
1898 Golda Meir
1903 Bing Crosby
1921 Sugar Ray Robinson
1919 Pete Seeger
1928 James Brown
1934 Sir Henry Cooper
1937 Frankie Valli
1950 Peter Gabriel
1951 Christopher Cross
1954 Peter Duncan
1957 John Sachs
1959 Ben Elton

Died on this Day
1991 Bernie Winters
2004 Suzy Parker


1997 Katrina and the Waves became the first British act to win The Eurovision Song Contest since Bucks Fizz won the title in 1981.

1999 Insiders revealed that Celine Dion escapes the attentions of fans after concerts by having her roadies carry her away from the venue in a large suitcase.


1952 Newcastle United beat Arsenal by 1 goal to nil, to become the first team since 1891 to win 2 FA Cup finals in succession.

1993 Stephen Hendry won the Embassy World Snooker Championship for the 3rd time after beating Jimmy White – 18-5 at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

1997 World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov won the first of 6 games with IBM- designed super-computer ‘Deep Blue’ in New York. The computer was designed to calculate 200-million moves a second and had a complete database of every move of every professional game in history.

People & Showbiz

1999 Toy stores opened at midnight across America to sell the first batches of toys from the new ‘Star Wars’ film, ‘The Phantom Menace’. Scuffles broke out as fans fought to fill shopping trolleys.

General Events

1951 The Festival of Britain was opened by King George VI on London’s South Bank, at a cost of over £8 million, to represent the achievements of post-war Britain

1957 South Africa discontinued ‘God SAve The Queen’ as its national anthem

1968 Britain’s first heart transplant was carried out at the National Heart Hospital in Marylebone on a 45 year old man.

1988 According to the memoirs of Donald Reagan, former chief of staff at the White House, Ronald Reagan used his wife Nancy’s astrologer for advice on nearly every major decision.

1993 A tycoon bought the first Ferrari car to be sold in China, for the equivalent of almost 900 years of an average worker’s wage packet.

1995 The twin towers of New York’ s World Trade Centre, were to be put up for sale by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

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