30th April

Born on this Day 30th April
1870 Franz Lehar
1893 Joachin Von Ribbentrop
1909 Eve Arden
1933 Willie Nelson
1933 Dickie Davies
1943 Bobby Vee
1947 Leslie Grantham
1953 Merrill Osmond
1983 Kirsten Dunst

Died on this Day
1883 Edouard Manet
1936 A.E. Houseman
1968 Frankie Lymon


1980 The film ‘McVicar’ starring Roger Daltry in thetitle role, premiered in London.

1988 After a staggering 725 weeks on the US Top 200 album chart ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ by Pink Floyd left the charts but was destined to return, while the soundtrack of ‘Dirty Dancing’ topped the US album chart, while ‘More Dirty Dancing’ stood at No.3.


1988 Wigan beat Halifax by 32 points to 12 to win the Silk Cut Challenge Cup.

1992 British and European heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis stopped Derek Williams in the 3rd round at the Albert Hall to take the Commonwealth title, becoming the first British heavyweight in 16 years to hold the Triple Crown.

People & Showbiz

1945 Adolf Hitler committed suicide along with his wife Eva Braun, in an underground bunker in Berlin.

1983 Former Beatle Paul McCartney was ordered by a West Berlin court to travel to the city for a blood test by a court doctor to decide whether he was the father of an illegitimate daughter.

General Events

1789 George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the USA.

1812 Louisiana became the 18th American state.

1973 4 top Nixon aides were sacked during the Watergate scandal.

1980 The Iranian Embassy was seized by armed terrorists who took 20 hostage and threatened to blow up the building if their demands were not met.

1982 President Reagan pledged American support for Britain in the Falklands conflict. Although the US would not get directly invloved in fighting, they organised economic sanctions against Argentina and would supply Britain war material.

1995 Greenpeace activists occupied The Brent Spa, a North Sea Oil platform, north-east of Shetland in an attempt to stop the Government allowing the rig to be dumped at sea.

1995 It was reported that cancer of the prostate kills more men in Western Europe and North America than any other malignancy other than cancer of the lung.

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