26th April

Born on this Day 26th April
570 Muhammed
1452 Leonardo Da Vinci
1822 Frederick Law Olmstead
1886 Gertrude ‘Ma’ Rainey
1917 I.M Pei
1926 David Coleman
1927 Jack Douglas
1938 Duane Eddy
1956 Koo Stark
1960 Roger Taylor
1981 Ms. Dynamite
1982 Jon Lee

Died on this Day
1976 Sid James
1989 Lucille Ball
1999 Jill Dando


1964 The NME Poll-winners Concert took place at Wembley, featuring many top names including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard…..

1988 Mick Jagger was acquitted of plagiarism after Patrick Alley, a little-known reggae singer, claimed that Jagger’s hit ‘Just Another Night’ was a copy of one of his own songs.


1947 The FA Cup Final between Burnley and Charlton Athletic was the first to be televised from beginning to end, with Charlton winning by a single goal to nil.

1992 Leeds United beat Sheffield United by 3 goals to 2 to win the First Division League championship.

People & Showbiz

1992 Roy Castle and a number of celebrities including Barbara Windsor, Bernard Cribbens and Jon Pertwee helped set a world record for aerobic dancing in an event hoped to raise £1million for the Royal Marsden Charity Appeal.

1997 Prince Edward risked the wrath of his mother when his television company produced a new quiz show called ‘Glam Slam’ which made several jokes and comments about the Royal family and the queen in particular.

General Events

1921 The first motor cycle police went on duty in London.

1923 The Duke of York, who later became King George VI, married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon at Westminster Abbey.

1986 The world’s worst nuclear disaster occurred when an explosion ripped the top from the Chernobyl power station in Russia.

1992 A ceremony was held in Hyde Park,attended by the Chief Rabbi, to honour the 6 million Jews murdered in the holocaust.

1997 British farmers faced huge water supply cuts in a move to combat another summer drought Spokesmen warned that such cuts would cost millions of pounds worth of ruined crops and would result in price increases of British prodice in shops.

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