24th April

Born on this Day 24th April
1882 Lord (Hugh) Dowding
1905 Robert Penn Warren
1959 Paula Yates
1924 Sir Clement Freud
1934 Shirley MacLaine
1940 Chris Kelly
1941 John Williams
1942 Barabara Streisand
1952 Jean-Paul Gaultier
1954 Captain Sensible
1957 David J, Boris Williams,
1962 Stuart Pearce,
1965 Alison Davey,
1973 Gabby Logan, Lee Westwood,

Died on this Day
1731 Daniel Defoe
1986 Duchess of Windsor
1990 Charlie Wilson


1961 Young folk singer/harmonica player Bob Dylan recorded as a session musician on Harry Belafonte’s ‘Midnight Special’ album

1964 American folk singer Joan Baez refused to pay 60% of her income tax in protest against US military expenditure

1974 David Bowie’s album ‘Diamond Dogs’ was released in America


1992 Indiana’s Supreme Court unanimously refused to release Mike Tyson on bail, pending his appeal against a rape conviction

People & Showbiz

1995 Chris Evans took over as host of Radio 1’s breakfast show

General Events

1900 In London, the first edition of the Daily Express newspaper went on sale

1949 Sweet rationing ended in Britain.

1975 Unemployment in Britain passed the million mark after a monthly increase of 124,000 put the total up to 1,012,949, the highest increase since the second world war.

1992 Mohammed Channa, a 39 year old civil servant from Pakistan, was officially recorded as the world’s tallest man at 7ft 6.5 ins

2005 Snuppy, the world’s first cloned dog, is born in South Korea.

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