21st April

Born on this Day 21st April
1816 Charlotte Bronte
1916 Norman Parkinson
1915 Anthony Quinn
1923 Sir John Mortimer QC
1926 HM Queen Elizabeth II
1932 Angela Barrett
1947 Iggy Pop
1958 Andie McDowell
1959 Robert Smith

Died on this Day
1910 Mark Twain
1918 Manfred Von Richtofen
1990 Romain De Tirtoff


1961 The Beatles debutedat the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

1963 The Rolling Stones and The Beatles met for the first time at London’s Crawdaddy Club.

1971 The Rolling Stones’ ‘Sticky Fingers’ album was released in the UK with a cover designed by Andy Warhol.

1982 London’s noted club, the Camden Palace opened.


1985 Briton Steve Jones won the London Marathon, with Ingrid Kristiansen the first woman home.

1997 Table tennis player Katy Parker from Lancashire, had been picked to play in the world championships at Manchester on May 1st, where at 12 years and 144 days she would be become the youngest ever English athlete.

People & Showbiz

1509 Henry VIII acceded to the throne on the death of his father King Henry VII.

1964 BBC2 began broadcasting, with ‘Playschool’ as its opening programme.

1995 Baroness ( Margaret ) Thatcher was to be awarded the Order of the Garter- the highest decoration in the Queen’s gift.

General Events

753 BC The Roman Empire was founded. This date is celebrated in Italy as the Birthday of Rome.

1961 At a war crimes trial in Jerusalem, former SS officer Adolf Eichmann admitted that he had played a part in the liquidation of the Jews, but denied having been directly responsible for their murder, stating that he was only a small cog in the Nazi machine’.

1983 In England and Wales, one pound coins went into circulation to replace paper notes.

1992 Soldiers of the Royal Horse Artillery fired a 41 gun salute in Hyde Park to mark the Queen’s birthday.

1992 The African National Congress gained its first effective representation in the South African Parliament when 5 white Democratic Party MPs declared their support for the ANC.

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