7th April

Born on this Day 7th April
1781 Sir Francis Chantry
1891 Irene Castle
1915 Billy Holiday
1916 Anthony Caruso
1928 James Garner
1930 Cliff Morgan
1930 Andrew Sachs
1934 Ian Richardson
1939 Francis Ford Coppola
1939 Sir David Frost
1941 Gordon Kaye
1945 Martyn Lewis
1954 Jackie Chan
1964 Russell Crowe
1966 Michaela Strachan

Died on this Day
1988 Sir Denis Hamilton

1981 Steve Marriot crushed his fingers in a door in Chicago and it was rumoured that his guitar playing days were over.

1988 ‘The Daily Howl’, a comic newspaper penned by John Lennon as a boy , fetched £13,200 in a Sotheby’s auction of Rock and Roll memorabilia. An original manuscript for the lyrics of ‘If I Fell’ written by John Lennon on the inside of a Valentine’s card sold for £8,350.

1951 Out of the 36 horses that began the Grand National, only 3 completed the course, with Nickel Coin finishing first.

1990 Mr. Frisk, ridden by amateur jockey Marcus Armytage, won the Grand National, knocking 14.1 seconds off the classic steeplechase’s record.

1997 20,000 punters cheered as the favourite Lord Gyllene, rode by 21 year old Tony Dobbin won the 150th Grand National by 25 lengths, a record in recent history, after leading the race from the start.

People & Showbiz
1991 Originally turned down by the BBC, the first episode of ‘The Darling Buds of May’ was broadcast on ITV.

1992 Former pirate radio station Radio Caroline was back on the air after winning a 4 week community radio licence.

1997 TV and radio celebrity Chris Evans was heavily criticised by British plastic surgeon Duncan Grouther over his ‘Ugly Bloke’ feature on ‘TFI Friday’. Mr. Grouther said he was inciting fans to make fun of people not as attractive as themselves and that a similar feature about race or gender would be illegal.

General Events
1970 An estimated 26 million British viewers watched the splashdown of Apollo 13 after its near-disaster in orbit.

1983 Two US astronauts completed the first US space walk in almost a decade.

1984 17 year old Peter Dymond from Exmouth, Devon,was detained in custody after killing his grandmother for £100 so that he could buy video games.

1988 A Gallup opinion poll claimed that 4 out of 5 smokers in Britain wanted to give up the habit; the equivalent of 12.5 million people.

1989 A Soviet nuclear submarine was thought to have sunk 300 miles off the northern coast of Norway. The submarine was thought to have been carrying out tests on new Soviet nuclear cruise missiles.

1990 Former national security chief John Poindexter was convicted of conspiracy in the Iran-Contra affair.

1992 The owner of a dog grooming parlour was fined £1000 by Birmingham magistrates after the death of a poodle which had been left to dry chained to a fan heater.

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