31st March

Born on this Day 31st March
1732 Joseph Haydn
1811 Robert Bunsen
1922 Patrick McGee
1934 Shirley Jones
1935 Richard Chamberlain
1938 Laurie Holloway
1938 Lord (David) Steel
1943 Christopher Walken
1948 Rhea Pearlman
1950 Robbie Coltrane
1966 Roger Black
1971 Ewan McGregor

Died on this Day
1835 John Constable
1855 Charlotte Bronte
1980 Jesse Owens


1972 The first official Beatles Fan Club closed due to a lack of interest from the group’s fans.

1982 Top US hitmakers The Doobie Brothers announced they are to split.

1990 Gloria Estefan was badly injured when her touring bus collided with a juggernaut.


1980 Black American athlete Jesse Owens died in Arizona. It was his performance in the 1936 Olympics that ruined Hitler’s intentions of using the Games for Nazi propaganda.

People & Showbiz

1983 Danny La Rue became the first man to play the female lead in a London musical production, taking the lead role in a planned production of ‘Hello Dolly’.

1992 ‘Silence of the Lambs’ swept the boards at the Oscars, winning all the main categories including Best Film, with Anthony Hopkins taing the Best Actor award, Jodie Foster Best Actress and Jonathan Demme taking Best Director.

General Events

1889 The 985ft high Eiffel Tower, atthe time costing £260,000 was officially opened.

1901 Daimler built the first Mercedes, which was named after the daughter of Emile Jellinek for whom it was built.

1953 John Christie was arrested following the discovery of the body of his wife Ethel and several other women, hidden in the house and garden of 10 Rillington Place, Notting Hill, London.

1986 The Greater London Council, the largest local government organisation in the world was abolished.

1995 Enfield Council were seeking compensation from the Highways Agency after a 200 year old, 150 ft cedar tree was felled at dawn. The tree was blocking a road-widening scheme.

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