17th March

Born on this Day 17th March
1910 Frank Dekova
1919 Nat King Cole
1938 Rudolf Nureyev
1943 Jeff Banks
1949 Patrick Duffy
1951 Kurt Russell
1954 Lesley Ann Down
1956 Rory McGrath
1960 Michael Whitaker
1964 Rob Lowe
1968 Catherine Foote
1969 Alexander McQueen
1973 Caroline Corr

Died on this Day
1995 Ronnie Kray 2001 Ann Southern


1899 Much loved Neopolitan song ‘O sole mio!’ was published by composer E Di Campna with words by G Capurro.

1962 Pioneering British R&B band Blues Incorporated made their live debut.

1968 The Bee Gee’s debuted on the famous ‘Ed Sullivan TV Show’ in America.

1973 Cliff Richard entered the UK chart with ‘Power To All Our Friends’, his second Eurovision Song Contest Entry.

1990 Prince began filmimg ‘Grafitti Bridge’, his follow-up to ‘Purple Rain’.


1897 Bob Fitzsimons beat Jim Corbett at Carson City become the first British boxer to win the world heavyweight title.

1979 Nottingham Forest beat Southampton by 3 goals to 2 to retain the Football League Cup.

1983 National Hunt trainer Michael Dickinson achieved the unprecedented success of having the first five horses in the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

1988 Nigel Short won the Euwe memorial chess tournament in Amsterdam after forcing a draw against former world champion Anatoly Karpov.

1990 Scotland beat England 13-7 to secure victory in the Five Nations Championship and carry off the Grand Slam title.

People & Showbiz

1337 ‘Edward, the Black Prince, was made the first ever Duke when he was named Duke of Cornwall.

1988 Hitler’s former deputy Rudolf Hess was buried in Bavaria, seven months after his death in Spandau prison, Berlin.

General Events

1816 The first steam-boat crossing of the English Channel was by the 38-ton ‘Elise’ who set off from Newhaven today and arrived at Le Havre 17 stormy-hours later.

1984 The wreck of a Roman cargo vessel believed to be dated back to AD200 was discovered at the mouth of St. Peter Port Harbour, Guernsey

1989 The Greater Manchester police were to review 742 drink-driving convictions after admitting using alcohol impregnated swabs when taking blood tests.

1995 National lottery ticket sales were set to pass the £1 billion mark. The organizers, Camelot, said that about 45% of people play the same numbers each week.

1995 Astronomers had found a cloud bigger than the entire solar system and containing some ten trillion litres of- alcohol. The alcohol is enough to make 400 trillion pints of beer or 300,000 pints for every person on earth, every day for the next billion years. The cloud is situated around a newly formed star, G34.3 in the constellation of Aquila, about 10,000 light years away.

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