23rd February

Born on this day 23rd February
1685 George Frederick Handel
1734 Mayer Amchel Rothschild
1883 Victor Fleming
1937 Lt-Cdr Brian Mills
1939 Peter Fonda
1947 Anton Mosimann
1952 Brad Whitford
1955 Howard Jones

Died on this day
1821 John Keats
1965 Stan Laurel
1976 L.S. Lowry

1962 Chubby Checker moved to the top spot with ‘Let’s Twist Again’.
1985 The Smiths topped the album charts with ‘Meat Is Murder’.
1989 George Michael’s ‘Faith’ was named best album of the year at the 31st Grammy awards.

1983 The England football team beat Wales by 2 goals to 1 in their first home win over the Welsh for a decade.
1988 British skater Wilf O’Reillly won the gold medal for Britain in the 500m short track speed skating demonstration event att he Winter Olympics in Calgary.
1992 England beat the United States in the final of a team chess tournament in Cannes.

People & Showbiz
1995 Oliver Stone’s controversial film ‘Natural Born Killers’ was to be released after a 2 month delay. The British Board of Film Classification made a number of cuts to the film.

General Events
1905 The Rotary Club was founded by Paul Harris in offices on Dearborn Street, Chicago.
1953 British World War II deserters were granted amnesty.
1956 The West Germany army outlawed the goose-step.
1988 The European Court of Justice overturned Britain’s right to determine its own taxation policy and immediately ruled that VAT be added to a number of items presently free of it.

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