23rd January

Born on this day 23rd January
1832 Edouard Manet
1919 Bob Paisley
1919 Ernie Kovacs
1928 Jeanne Moreau
1944 Rutger Hauer
1957 Princess Caroline of Monaco
1959 Earl Falconer
1961 Paula Hamilton
1972 Harriet Scott
1986 Steven Taylor
1990 Martyn Waghorn

Died on this day
1806 William Pitt, The Younger
1944 Edvard Munch
1989 Salvador Dali

1974 Alvin Stardust made his first live appearance under that name at the Midem Gala, the annual music business get-together, at the Palais de Festival in Cannes.

1982 Abba spent their last week in the UK Top 20, with ‘One of Us’

1984 ‘The Singles File’, a boxed set of all Kate Bush’s singles, was released.


1983 Czech tennis player Ivan Lendl beat John McEnroe in straight sets in the final of the Volvo Masters at Madison Square Garden in New York

People & Showbiz

1964 Cecil King announced his decision to re-launch The Daily Herald newspaper as The Sun.

1983 The first episode of US adventure series ‘The ‘A’ Team’ was broadcast in America. The episode was called ‘Mexican Serenade’.

General Events

1790 The Bounty mutineers, under the command of Fletcher Christian, landed on Pitcairn Island.

1849 Briton Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman doctor when she graduated from University of Geneva in New York State.

1984 Surgeons from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge carried out a liver transplant on 2 yr old Ben Hardwick. He was suffering from the incurable disease bilitary atresia.

1990 The Soviet Union announced that the Red Army would be withdrawn from Hungary, after a 45-year occupation.

1993 Scientists discovered the oldest existing footprints in Britain, made 100 years before dinosaurs existed. They were found in sandstone layers on the Northumberland coast at Howick.

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