11th January

<strong>Born on this day 11th January</strong>
1842 William James
1864 Henry Gordon Selfridge
1922 Neville Duke
1935 Melvyn Hayes
1938 Arthur Scargill
1943 Henry Cecil
1953 John Sessions
1963 Jason Connery
1971 Mary J. Blige
1975 Dan Luger
1978 Emile Heskey
1981 Jamelia
1981 Tom Meighan
1985 Newton Faulkner
1986 Rachel Riley

Died on this day
1891 Georges Eugene Haussmann
1928 Thomas Hardy

1963 The Beatles first nationwide television appearance was on ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ performimg ‘Please Please Me’.

1969 Jethro Tull’s debut album ‘This Was’ was released.

1980 The Pretenders self-titled debut album was released and immediately went straight to No.1.

1992 Steve Davis beat world No.1 Stephen Hendry by 9 frames to 8 in the final of the Mercantile Credit Classic at Bournemouth, and subsequently paid tribute to his father for being his ‘agony aunt’ through the times of frustration.
People &amp; Showbiz

1569 The first National lottery was held under a proclamation from Queen Elizabeth. 400,000 tickets were sold for shillings each withthe top prize valued at £5000, payable as £3000 cash, £700 in plate and the remainder in ‘…good tapestry and certain sorts of good linen’.

1977 The first episode of the sitcom ‘Robin’s Nest’, a spin-off from ‘Man About the House’ was broadcast.

2007 JK Rowling completes the 7th novel in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
General Events

1971 The first divorce was granted in the UK under the new Divorce Act.

1973 The Open University awarded its first degrees to 867 students.

1974 In Cape Town, South Africa, Mrs Sue Rosenkowitz gave birth to the first sextuplets to survive.

1985 The first production run of 2700 Sinclair C5 pedal cars were expected to be sold out after the company’s mail order lines had been jammed by callers.

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